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Services Offered

At BPI we offer the following services to our clients: 


Pre-Closing Inspections are often called "Buyers Inspections" and are designed to protect the buyer by uncovering any potential issues involving the property prior to your closing date.


This is a great opportunity for you have an inspection done prior to listing your home for sale. Move-In Certified Inspections are often called "Sellers Inspections" and are designed to facilitate a quicker sale, closer to the asking price. You can alleviate some of the headaches by providing documentation that your home is in good condition and ready for sale.  A Move-In Certified Inspection can also point out issues that you may not have known were present, allowing you the opportunity to decide whether you want to make the repairs, or adjust your listing price. Concerns found in a Move-In Certified Inspection also allows you to make any needed repairs at your convenience, by your contractors and usually at a much more affordable cost.  Your buyer will most likely have their own home inspection performed, but if you've already taken care of problem items there won't be anything for them to find, resulting in a quicker closing.


Home builders and some sellers offer a 12-month warranty included in the purchase of a home. During the first year, an 11th-Month Warranty Inspection gives you the opportunity to have problems addressed prior to the expiration of the warranty period. Warranties are meant to be used.  Take care of your investment !